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Life House Women’s Shelter Blessing One of its Residents with a Major Gift- A Car!

Updated: May 4, 2023

For Giving Tuesday and in an effort to provide help and hope, in partnership with a local car dealership Ideal Imports West, we were able to GIFT a resident of the shelter with a car- what a blessing! Thank you to CN2 News, WCNCNews and WRHI for your coverage of this special occasion and thank you community for your continued support!

Courtney Denton with Life House says, “So her commitment to really want to change, to be able to be on a path to self-sufficiency is very evident to us and we just believe this is a great way to honor her, to honor her work ethic, her commitment, and again provide her an opportunity that I think will just really open up a whole new world for her.”

As a housekeeper at the Cambria, Glover’s manager says this partnership and surprise was warranted. Cambria General Manager Kendale Kinlow, says, “She’s an amazing housekeeper that we have here she’s always willing and as a good impact in this property and is a great asset to the company.”

Life House leaders say the women in the shelter are determined and they want to help them reach all of their goals for a better life.

Denton says, “We really are committed to making sure that these women have what they need and that’s the key, have what they need — to be able to move forward on this path to self-sufficiency.”

“With the strength of the Lord, I pray every night that things will get better and things are starting to…I feel like they’re starting to get better,” says Glover.

Source: CN2, Rachel Richardson

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