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Help Life House Women's Shelter bring $25,000 Home!

HELP us bring $25,000 HOME!! The Life House Women’s Shelter is one of the top 200 national finalist in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant program! This year, 100 winning causes will be chosen and given $25,000! We need you to rally behind our cause and cast your votes to help us!

Here's how you can help:

2. Vote 10 times a day until May 6th for The Life House Women’s Shelter. You can even set up a text reminder for each day!

3. Please share this post and help us spread the word...the more votes, the better the chance we have to be awarded!

"Our home of York County is not immune to the plight of homelessness that our country faces. There is a growing number of women and children living in cars, woods, and warehouses within our community. Before The Life House Women’s Shelter opened in Dec of 2021, there were only 6 emergency bags for single women in our community. In an effort to move women off of the streets and into housing, The Life House seeks to provide help and hope to women in need.

The Life House Women's Shelter currently sleeps 10-12 women and children in our shelter. We average 20-25 women on our wait list at all times. In March 2021, we purchased a second home across the street from our current one that we are renovating with the goal of opening in Fall 2022, which will sleep additional 12 women. The women staying at both of these locations are held accountable to a 30-60-90 day plan to see them flourish on the continuum of care. Due to the needs of our community, in November 2021, we started an overflow emergency shelter called The Cottage that is currently be hosted by Park Baptist Church. This overflow space can sleep an additional 24-36 women. Our goal is to make The Cottage a year around emergency shelter and move this operation to an open suite at Pathways (the one point of entry for our community). Pathways is also a host to many of our partnering agencies in the community.

The Life House Women’s Shelter is a community effort to help care the homeless women of our community. No matter the need or situation, a homeless women has a safe, warm place to sleep at The Cottage each night. And The Shelter is a starting point on the continuum of care with referral, resource and case management to women while the women are provided with a safe place, warm meals, laundry and shower access. Because they don't have to daily worry about where they are going to sleep each night, these women are able to then work and serve in our community. Rock Hill has a lot of great service partners in our community. From every thing from clothing closets to job readiness to counseling to medical needs, we have partner agencies that we work with to collaborate care for the homeless community. The Life House Women’s Shelter is primary volunteer driven. This allows the members of our community to serve and be served."

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! #SFNeighborhoodAssist

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